Hotels in and around Zurich

Are you planning a trip to Zurich? Then chances are you will need a hotel room in one of the many hotels in Zurich. Ranging from cheap offerings around CHF 60 all the way to luxury hotels for up to a thousand Francs per night, Zurich is offering hotel beds of all prices and types.

Many hotels are conveniently located near the main train station (Zurich central station) or a short walk from any other of Zurich's many train station. Nearly all are in close proximity of a tram or bus stop, so sightseeing, shopping and diving into the Zurich nightlife is really easy.

In this listing you can select hotels by price range or suburb or you can choose to list all hotels in Zurich in one page. Most entries allow you to book a room directly online. Look for the logo.

Zurich has more than 140 hotels... every price range every suburb in German:

...or all in one list:

If you would like to search for your hotel in Zurich by additional criteria such as

you can search for and book your hotel room directly on On you can also check for availability and find your hotel on a map of the city.

Alternatively, search and book your hotel room in Zurich through by using this form:

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Are you looking for a map of Zurich?

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